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This isn't anything special, but since there always seems to be alot of drama going on when there has been an update, I figured I'll post some code here and simple instructions on how to find it. If you will be using Olly, you need the SigMaker plugin, by p47r!ck: Sig Maker 0.4

This tracefilter(CTraceFilterSkipTwoEntities) which is used in peoples tracing code, can be found alot of places, but my preferred location is inside the CSPlayer::FireBullet function, which contains a neat little string which we can follow: "gunshotsplash".
The call to CTraceFilterSkipTwoEntities's constructor is almost at the top of the function and should look something like this(raw copy paste from Olly):

54227F7C   6A 00            PUSH 0
54227F7E   57               PUSH EDI
54227F7F   56               PUSH ESI
54227F80   8D8D 9CFDFFFF    LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-264]
54227F86   E8 E54BFCFF      CALL client.541ECB70
Just follow that call and make a signature/get the relative offset for it. Please note that this is achievable in IDA aswell, but Olly is my preferred tool.
void Aimbot::GetTraceFilterSkipTwoEntities( CSPlayer *first, CSPlayer *second, DWORD* thisptr )
 typedef void ( __thiscall *TraceFilterSkipTwoEntities_t )( void *thisptr, const CSPlayer *first, const CSPlayer *second, int group );
 static TraceFilterSkipTwoEntities_t traceFilterskiptwoentities = (TraceFilterSkipTwoEntities_t)memory::FindPattern( GetModuleHandle( "client.dll" ), "\x55\x8B\xEC\x8B\x55\x10\x8B\xC1\x8B\x4D\x08\x89\x48\x04\x8B\x4D\x0C\x89\x50\x08\xC7\x40" );

 if ( !traceFilterskiptwoentities )
  LOG_ERROR( "TraceFilterSkipTwoEntities not found" );

 traceFilterskiptwoentities( thisptr, first, second, 0 );
ex. usage: 
DWORD traceFilter[5]; // 20 or 0x14 bytes
GetTraceFilterSkipTwoEntities( m_localPlayer, skipPlayer, traceFilter );
TraceRay( ray, 0x4600400B, (ITraceFilter*)&traceFilter, &traceData );

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